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Phil Green
11-16 year olds, youth groups etc – follow-up to X = life and X = growth Making faith relevant for teenagers and their peers Superb session outlines, discussions, activities This is the third book in Phil Green’s X = series for young people’s groups. It contains 10 sessions aimed at helping y... (more)
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Phil Green
A youth group leader’s step-by-step guide to running ten sessions to help 11-16 year-olds get life ‘sorted’ with a Christian perspective. From the outset of Christianity the letter X has been used to represent Christ. It is taken from the Greek word for Christ -- Xristos. Hence the title . . . X = L... (more)
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Christian Rock fans take notice! Now there's a compilation for those whose musical preferences lean on the harder side. Also a great introduction to Christian Rock for new fans, "X" includes 30 of the year's top Christian Rock hits. Fans of the quality music that Tooth & Nail is known for churning o... (more)
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Mcclendon, Clar
Well-known television preacher, Bishop Clarence E. McClendon "opens the X Files" as he presents revelatory insight from Genesis 48. This old Testament narrative provides the framework for a revolutionary look at how God occasionally goes outside of His established order of blessing the first-born an... (more)
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Containing valuable lessons from well-known evangelists, stories straight from the street and solid Bible teaching, this title aims to inspire young people to be involved in evangelism. Divided into four sections it mixes practical advice with hard-earned experience and God-centred teaching.
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Doug Swanney
Xplorers join the Xpedition up the mountain for adventures and possible danger! Drama, Bible Xplore, Xpedition units, Rations, Xperiencing the five senses, Xroads and much more as children go with Jesus on his journey to the cross. A five day Bible-basd holiday club programme aimed at children aged ... (more)
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The five stories in the Xpedition Force holiday club all come from Matthew's gospel. This CEV version of Matthew's Gospel provides a valuable resource encouraging holiday clubs to include the Bible in their programme. Matthew's Story has been produced for SU by the Scottish Bible Society in a small ... (more)