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Stephen J. Nichols
J. Gresham Machen (1881Ė1937) taught New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1906 to 1929, when he founded Westminster Theological Seminary. Following three chapters devoted to Machenís life, Nichols examines Machenís writings on theology and the Bible, on culture, and on the church (... (more)
More information on J Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ
Roger Steer
Classic story of the man who founded the largest mission in China The amazing life-story of Hudson Taylor shows the trials and tribulations of being a man in Christ. Driven by a deep concern for those without Christ and having an unshakable confidence in the faithfulness of God, he moved to a far a... (more)
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J I Packer
No doubt you've had questions about the Bible and the Christian life. But where can you find answers? This compact volume offers real questions--even difficult challenges--asked by real people. Answers are given by one of today's premier theologians of Christianity: J. I. Packer. The result is a fun... (more)
More information on J. C Ryle: That Man Of Granite With The Heart Of A Child
Eric Russell
Superb story of a spiritual leader with a gentle heart! John Charles Ryle was born into a comfortable English family background - his father was a politician and businessman. Ryle was intelligent, a great sportsman (captain of cricket at Eton and Oxford) and was set for a career in his fatherís busi... (more)
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J Gresham Machen / Stephen J Nichols
J. Gresham Machen pondered that question in many of his writings. He paid a steep price professionally and personally for his adherence to the gospel, and for publishing his beliefs. Some of his most interesting pieces can be found here: "The Gospel and the Modern World" (1929), "Selected Correspond... (more)
More information on J.C. Ryle - Episcopal Evangelist
Farley, Ian D.
An analysis and assessment of the life and work of J.C. Ryle, the first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, the book seeks to identify changes in evangelical theology and practice in the last decades of the nineteenth century. A thematic critique rather than a biography, it highlights important parallels ... (more)
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Colin Duriez
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More information on Jabez Prayer Experiment, The (Lab Manual)
Jay Dennis / Marilyn Jeffcoat
This lab manual helps readers put "The Jabez Prayer Experiment" in motion. It includes 30 days of individual, devotional "lab sessions, " each taking 10-15 minutes, and 6 group sessions with leader helps, group discussion questions, and activities.
More information on Jabez Prayer Experiment, The: Discovering A Prayer that Could Change
Jay Dennis / Marilyn Jeffcoat
A book that shows how the obscure prayer of the Old Testament believer Jabez can result in a process of life transformation in which God pours out his blessings on us and our churches resulting in a God-sized impact on our worlds.