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Zach Hunter
Zach Hunter may only be fifteen, but he’s taking on issues that affect the world—and he’s making a change. Find out how Zach is working to end slavery, and how you can make a change in the things you see wrong with our world.
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Zach Hunter
Roll Up Your Sleeves and Change the World. Zach Hunter is a teenage abolitionist and activist, spending much of his time working to end modern-day slavery around the world and fighting other problems in the world today. Our world is broken, but your students can change that. Zach Hunter is a tee... (more)
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Zacharias, B
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"A meticulous and well-informed interpretation of Calvin. . . . An excellent piece of scholarship and a genuine contribution to both the guild and the church."--Timothy Harvie, Heythrop Journal John Calvin has been the subject of numerous interpretative studies, but most have focused on only one ... (more)
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Zack Eswine
What would it have been like to sit in Spurgeon's classes? I hope this book gives a sense of what a student would hear Spurgeon say about preaching if Spurgeon were to speak with them in the hall, from the pulpit, or on a walk down the streets of London. Thus, the purpose of this book is to e... (more)
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Zahl, Paul Fm.
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Zarra, Ernest J
It Should Never Happen Here gives churches assurance that sexual and other forms of child abuse can be prevented. Enforced child-contact rules and worker screening are among many specific ideas outlined in this important book.
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When Children Suffer will be a great help to parents, teachers and priests and all concerned with the welfare of children. The text is often deeply moving, full of profound insights into the way children behave; it also has a gentle touch of humour which makes it a pleasure to read.
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Zeleski, Irma