More information on The Language of God
J A Crabtree / Ron Julian / David Crabtree
"Understanding the Bible requires integrity and skill…but one need not be a trained expert. God chose to put His message in a form accessible to virtually every human being." from The Language of God If you can talk and think, you can understand the Bible. Many believe that you have to be a hi... (more)
More information on Living Liturgy: Spirituality, Celebration & Catechesis... Year A 2008
J A Zimmerman / T A Greisen / K Harmon / T L Leclerc
An annual resource for parish ministers, liturgists, pastors, and planning committees, Living Liturgy offers a practical means for reflection on and celebration of the Sunday Mass.
More information on St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: A Revised Text and Translation wi
J Armitage Robinson
The classic commentary on Ephesians. It includes a paraphrase of the Epistle of particular value to students who do not know Greek.
More information on The Religion of Paul the Apostle
J Ashton
Paul the Apostle is traditionally viewed as a thinker and theologian. In this text, John Ashton challenges this view, demonstrating how closely Paul's career resembles that of a typical shaman, and showing how aspects of Paul's ministry may be illuminated by focusing on his experience.
More information on And If I Die
J Aubrey Anderson
Mose and his "grandson," Bill, are on the lam in 1968-- hiding out in Texas under assumed names. Bill is enrolled at North Texas State University, working with professor Pat Patterson (Missy's husband), and learning to ride bulls. Mose attempts to protect his charge from the evil that continues to a... (more)
More information on The New Testament in Modern English
J B Phillips
With millions of copies in print since its first publication, J.B. Phillips' The New Testament in Modern English, the first major 20th Century interpretation of the New Testament - recently updated - remains a fresh and accurate account of the greatest story ever told. This is the authoritative, cla... (more)