More information on Unapologetic Apologetics: Meeting the Challenges of Theological Studie
W A Dembski / J W Richards
A objective truth has come under suspicion in theological study during recent years, scholars and students have also begun to take less seriously the task of persuading others to believe. Apologetics has been neglected, misunderstood and misrepersented. Unwilling to accept this, editors William Demb... (more)
More information on New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis
W A Van Gemeren
Only one hermeneutical text published prior to the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology & Exegesis can be held up reasonably to its measure of quality and the exhaustive nature of the research that produced this immense work. That singular collection worthy of comparison is its cou... (more)
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W B Sprague
More information on In Quest of Jesus: Revised and Enlarged Edition
W Barnes Tatum
Within the context of the current debate over the historical Jesus, Tatum focuses on the issue of the relationship between the Christ of faith and the Jesus of history, between the creedal Son of God and Jesus the Jew whose life and message centered around the symbol of "God's rule." In contrast to ... (more)
More information on Worship in Ancient Israel
W Brueggeman
In his characteristically engaging style, Brueggemann explores the leading motifs of ancient Israel's worship traditions and their practical implications for today's church in its ecumenical character. Surveying Old Testament themes, central texts, prayers, festivals, and worship practices, he revea... (more)
More information on A Concise Dictionary Of New Testament Greek
W C Trenchard
Word meanings and English glosses for the entire vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
More information on Vines Expository Commentary/Galatia
W E Vine
This classic commentary on Galatians is now available in a handy size for personal study. Vine's commentaries excel in the rich tradition of careful, exegetical word studies and expository commentary. These small but thorough commentaries use a word study approach that takes into consideration every... (more)