More information on The One Year Mini for Students (One Year Minis)
R A Beers (ed) / L Taylor (ed) / R Beers (ed) / A Mason (ed)
Take the One Year experience with you anytime, anywhere with The One Year Mini for Students. Inspirational One Year devotions for each day alongside brief passages from God's Word in a compact 4 × 6 size that fits effortlessly in a purse or pocket. Students will be encouraged to deepen and grow in t... (more)
More information on Silent Music: The life, work, and thought of Saint John of the cross
R A Herrera
St. John of the Cross has long inspired Christians seeking a deeper knowledge of God. This sixteenth-century Spanish mystic left a record of personal faith as profound as any ever recorded. In "Silent Music" R. A. Herrera looks anew at the life and writings of St. John of the Cross and explores h... (more)
More information on How To Pray
R A Torrey
More information on How to Bring them to Christ
R A Torrey
Most Christians immensely desire to bring others to the Lord, but somehow find themselves over-whelmed with fear, uncertainty, and rejection. Author R.A. Torrey, who won thousands to the Lord, takes you step-by-step through receiving the power to witness and dealing with indifferent and skeptical pe... (more)
More information on Holy Spirit Within
R A Torrey
Within these pages, you will discover the importance of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life. R. A. Torrey also reveals the work of the Holy Spirit in helping to bring unbelievers into the kingdom of God. He also shows how to receive God's favor and blessings, the way the Holy Spir... (more)
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R A Torrey
More information on What the Bible Teaches (Updated Edition)
R A Torrey
What the Bible Teaches is a classic volume that provides numerous outlined studies of what the Bible has to say on over fifty major doctrines of the Bible. The work examines what the Bible teaches about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, man, angels, Satan, prayer, worship, faith, and more. In this work, ... (more)