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S & M Dinnen
More information on Saint Herman of Alaska
S A Smith
More information on Every Heart Restored Workbook
S Arterburn / F & B Stoeker
More information on The Jesus Prayer
S Barrington-Ward
More information on The Lights of Tenth Street
S C Feldhahn
With a house, two kids, a church, and a minivan, Doug and Sherry have grown comfortable---and complacent. But just beneath the surface rages Doug's shameful thought life. When an exotic dancer's path intersects with theirs, will this suburban couple trade security for Christlike "Samaritan" love? Mo... (more)
More information on Worship Anthology
S Craggs
Worship leaders of all backgrounds and responsibilities will use this amazing book again and again - and again. Its wealth of ideas, stories, prayers and other forms of worship can be used as they are presented or readers can adapt them easily for their own needs. Men and women who lead worship can ... (more)
More information on Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative, The
S D Mathewson
A foreword by Haddon Robinson and the tantalising prospect of ushering the reader into the neglected world of preaching biblical narrative, offers a mouth-watering incentive to read this book. Broadly speaking, it doesn't disappoint! The need is obvious. Mathewson comments correctly: 'As evangeli... (more)
More information on Reading the Gospels Today
S E Porter
More information on Living With Heart Failure
S Elliot-Wright
Living with heart failure may sound like a contradiction in terms, but, contrary to popular myth, the heart does not fail, or stop, but labours on under increasing disadvantages. An estimated 900,000 people are currently living with heart failure in the UK, a figure which is set to increase as the p... (more)