More information on When Children Become People: The Birth of Childhood in Early Chris....
O Bakke
Bakke paints a fascinating picture of children's first real emergence as people against a backdrop of the ancient world. Using theological and social history research, Bakke compares Greco-Roman and Christian attitudes toward abortion and child prostitution, pedagogy and moral upbringing, and the in... (more)
More information on Prayer
O Hallesby
More information on Christ of the Prophets
O Palmer Robertson
In this thorough introduction to the prophets of ancient Israel, O. Palmer Robertson captures the passion and purpose of their extraordinary writings. He writes, "A new covenant, a new Zion, a new temple, a new messiah, a new relation to the nations of the world-these were the expectations designed ... (more)
More information on Homiletic of All Believers, A
O. Wesley Allen Jr.
Allen proposes an approach to preaching that is rooted in the view of the congregation as a community of conversation and in which the spirit of the sermon is dialogical. In this context, preaching becomes a means of grounding and guiding the community's conversations, the result being faithful i... (more)
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O.Donnell; Mohe