More information on Cafe Theology New Edition
Michael Lloyd
In Cafe Theology Micahel Lloyd invites us to travel on a journey from Creation to New Creation, visiting the Fall, the Incarnation, Resurrection and Ascension, and stopping off at the Trinity and the Church.
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More information on Hidden Unity Of The Bible Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament
Pieter Lalleman
We have a Book Signing for this book on Saturday 25th January 2020 from 11.00am-1.00pm.The authors of the New Testament were well versed in the Old Testament, frequently quoting and alluding to it in their writing. That is why, although Jesus Christ is not explicitly mentioned in the Old Testament, ... (more)
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More information on NIV Engage Youth Bible
If you're looking for an NIV Youth Bible that will encourage young people aged 11-18 to know and love God's Word - Engage is it. Engage includes the full text of the Anglicised 2011 New International Version in double column 9PT British Text, At the beginning of the Bible you will find helpful intr... (more)
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More information on Bridging The Gaps
Trevor Neil
Are there gaps between what we believe and what we do? Does society influence us more than our theology? Why are churches often places of stress and strain rather than peace and renewal? In Bridging the Gaps, Trevor Neill shines a compassionate light on the hidden and often unacknowledged contrad... (more)
More information on Let There Be Wonder
Matt Redman
Integrity Music are excited to announce the brand new album by Matt Redman one of the world’s finest worship song writers and leaders. With the 2020 live CD coming in late January, Integrity Music is proud to announce the release of “The Same Jesus,” the first and long-awaited new single from Matt R... (more)
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More information on Saying Yes To Life Archbishop Of Canterbury's Lent Book 2020
Ruth Valerio
Saying Yes to Life lifts our focus from every day (and perfectly natural) concerns to issues that are impacting millions of lives around the world. As people made in the image of God, we are entrusted to look after what God has made – to share in the joy and creativity of God in making a difference ... (more)
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More information on Unplanned DVD
From the writers of acclaimed faith movies God's Not Dead 1 & 2 and Do You Believe, and the Producer of I Can Only Imagine, Unplanned is the thought-provoking true story of one woman's journey of transformation. All Abby Johnson (Ashley Bratcher, 90 Minutes In Heaven) ever wanted to do was help wom... (more)
More information on Genesis Passion Translation
Brian Simmons
The Book of Genesis is God's autobiography and the foundation upon which all revelation rests. The purpose of this book is to give the origin of all things, including the cosmic order of the universe and the covenant relationship between God and his people. Speaking the Word from his eternal dwelli... (more)
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D J Carswell
There is a great fascination today for what goes on in other people's lives. All the stories contained in this book are about real people. Some are dramatic. Others feature famous names. Some may even reflect aspects of your own life. All of them are captivating. From the bestselling author of Re... (more)
More information on Twice Rescued Child
Thomas Graumann
Aged eight, Thomas Graumann excitedly boarded a train in Prague, Czechoslovakia, to embark on what he believed was a three-month holiday. "Go to Britain, learn English, and when the Germans leave, you can come home again," his mother assured him. Thomas carried two suitcases and a bag of food. At th... (more)
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