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Bear Grylls
Pre-Order this book as published on 25th July 2019. Bestselling author Bear Grylls is best known for his adventures climbing ice cliffs, running through forest fires, and parachuting from balloons. Nature has taught Bear some important lessons, and behind every feat is a story of grit, determina... (more)
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More information on John Stott The Bible A Book Like No Other
Stott John with Tim Chester
Scripture has brought us light in darkness, strength in weakness, comfort in sadness. It isn't difficult to endorse the Psalmist's experience that the words of God are 'more precious than gold... sweeter than honey'. So it's distressing to watch the Bible being dislodged from its position of authori... (more)
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Nicky Gumbel
Answering step-by-step some of the key questions that lie at the heart of the Christian faith, Nicky Gumbel’s intelligent, well-researched and informed approach makes this a sympathetic, fascinating and immensely readable introduction to Jesus Christ. For non-churchgoers and those seeking to find... (more)
More information on All I Want Is You
Sandy Millar
Fascinating stories, anecdotes and illustrations from one of its most inspirational practitioners. In short, pithy paragraphs, Sandy Millar talks about the life of Jesus, God’s call to intimacy, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the teachings of the Bible. Compiled and edited by Mark Elsdon-Dew ... (more)
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Heather Churchill & Claire Musters
The Waverley Abbey Insight Series is based on one-day seminars held by CWR at Waverley Abbey house to give insight into some key issues that many people struggle with today. Drawing on biblical wisdom and professional expertise, Insight into Shame is packed with case studies, practical insights and ... (more)
More information on BADLY BEHAVED BIBLE Thinking Again About The Story Of Scripture
Nick Page
The Bible is known as the scriptural bedrock of the Christian faith – it’s marvellous, it’s uplifting, it’s a joy to read – but, while we know this is how we’re supposed to feel about the Bible, in reality most of us find the very opposite. On opening the Bible, we are faced with a multitude of... (more)
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More information on PHOEBE A STORY Paperback
Paula Gooder
Sometime around 56 AD, the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome. His letter was arguably his theological masterpiece, and has continued to shape Christian faith ever since. He entrusted this letter to Phoebe, the deacon of the church at Cenchreae; in writing to the church that almost surely met ... (more)
More information on CRUSHING T D JAKES
T D Jakes
In his book Crushing, #1 New York Times bestselling author T.D. Jakes wrestles with the age-old questions: Why do the righteous suffer? Where is God in all the injustice?
More information on No Neutral Ground Finding Jesus In A  Cape Town Ghetto
Pete Portal
Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – often described as a kind of heaven on earth. But for the majority of its inhabitants it is hell. Ghettoes are everywhere, and for those living in Manenberg – a coloured township on the Cape Flats, purpose-built by the apartheid gover... (more)
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More information on LEGACY - LIVE FROM IRELAND CD
Vineyard Worship Ireland
Legacy - Live From Ireland is a powerful new live EP from Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland that was captured at the inaugural gathering of Irish Vineyard church leaders in Lisburn in October 2018. Including home-grown songs from Harmony Smith (Belfast City Vineyard) and James & Hannah Toal (Lagan Valle... (more)