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Alnor, William
Here is an in-depth exploration of the rise and fall of the Heaven's Gate UFO cult and other space-age groups such as the Solar Temple. William Alnor also describes the rise of UFO cults spurred on by a Hollywood-driven fascination with extraterrestrials. He focuses on the future, offering evidence ... (more)
More information on Ugly Bugs & Apple Trees: 12 ready-to-use assemblies for primary school
Following the hugely successful Kings and Monkeys , Ugly Bugs and Apple Trees is another collection of stories for primary school assemblies, telling the tales of kings and farmers, tailors and apple trees, brothers and neigh­bours, and many more besides. The tales are funny, poignant and thought-... (more)
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Wraight, Heathe
An invaluable directory of organisations, conferences, accommodation, festivals, media, retreats, training and more.
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Peter Brierley
More information on UK Christian Handbook 2007 / 2008
The 2007/2008 UK Christian Handbook lives up to the book’s reputation of being as up-to-date and accurate as a printed volume can ever be. It lists over 5,000 organisations in dozens of categories so that busy Christians can quickly find the right person or organisation to meet their needs. Whether ... (more)
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