More information on Social Distinctives of the Christians in the First Century: Pivotal Es
E A Judge
This is a collection of pivotal essays by E. A. Judge, who initiated many important discussions in the establishment of social scientific criticism of the Bible.
More information on Oxford Concise Dictionary of the Christian Church
E A Livingstone
Based on the highly acclaimed Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, this is an indispensable guide for both students and the general reader. Over 5,000 entries provide full coverage of theology, patristic scholarship, churches and denominations, the church calendar and organization, and the Bib... (more)
More information on Watch for the Light
E Arnold
There's plenty out there on the 'real' meaning of Christmas; this volume steps back further to examine more vital questions: What does it mean that God took on human form? That Mary believed? That Christ came down to earth, and will one day come again? Whether dipped into at leisure or used for form... (more)
More information on 15 Minutes Alone With God
E Barnes
15 Minutes Alone with God is designed to help women develop consistent devotional habits. At the same time it does more than teach women how to organize their quiet times. It’s also filled with warm, open meditations Emilie has written especially for busy women, providing encouragement and direction... (more)
More information on 15 Minutes of Peace with God
E Barnes
One of Emilie Barnes’ bestselling devotionals (more than 69,000 copies sold) now has an updated, contemporary cover that consumers will love. Readers will find inspiration and renewal in this collection of 15–minute–a–day devotions that explore the wisdom and peace of God. In brief, meaningful c... (more)
More information on The Jezebel Letters
E Beach
More information on Israel and the Blessing of the Tribes
E Bendor Samuel
The history of Israel, as we have it in the Bible, is meant for our learning and profit. Exposed to the light of God as no other nation has been, their every blemish is illumined and made conspicuous to the gaze of the world. Their sins and shortcomings, their triumphs and achievements are all accur... (more)