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Grand Incredible
Two of the masterminds behind the beloved OC Supertones, Mojo and Ethan (aka Grand Incredible) reveal a new perspective on G.I. Gantic, the side-duo's exciting debut project. Track Listing 1. Anti-Prom 2. Big is the New Small 3. You Had Me at Hello 4. Salvation 5. Time After Ti... (more)
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Aidan Nichols
More information on Gadzooks: Dr James Dobson's Laws of Life and Leadership
Paul J Batura
Dr. James Dobson's personal research assistant tells fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories and shares principles for living and leading that he learned from working with the best-selling author and founder of Focus on the Family. Examples of some of the practical-life laws he has learned from Dr. D... (more)
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Steve Mallon / Linda Galvin
More information on Gagging of God, The
D A Carson
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Christenson, E
More information on Gaining Through Losing
Christenson, E
More information on Gaither HomeComing
Enjoy some of the most memorable performances over the years from Bill & Gloria Gaither and their HOMECOMING Friends with this special collection. Featuring intricate harmonies from some of gospel music’s most popular artists, GAITHER HOMECOMING ICON combines stellar vocal talents with life-giving m... (more)
More information on Gaius Diary, The: ...One Man's Impact on the Early Christian Church
Gene Edwards
Read of Nero’s persecution of Christians and the death of Paul! In this gripping narrative we hear of many historical events which cause perilous times for the fledgling church. Gaius tells of the fall of Jerusalem and the martyrdom of Christians torn apart by wild animals in the Colosseum and of ... (more)