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T Baehr / Pat Boone
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T Berger
Two-time Catholic Press Award winner. What do the feasts of the liturgical year look like when seen from the perspective of women? How do traditions become enriched when we remember the women who have handed them down? From "Clare and Clairol" to "The Making of Love: An ABC," Fragments of Real Prese... (more)
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T Blackstock
Sarah Rivers has it all: successful husband, healthy kids, beautiful home, meaningful church work. Corinne, Sarah’s sister, struggles to get by. From Web site development to jewelry sales, none of the pies she has her thumb stuck in contains a plum worth pulling. No wonder Corinne envies Sar... (more)
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T Brittain-Catlin
Churches and cathedrals, built to be intentionally imposing and dignified, contain a wealth of fascinating architectural detail and symbols to interpret. They reflect a magnificent vista of history across the centuries, and are an important part of our cultural make-up. Step inside a church and e... (more)
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T Cantopher
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T Comedy / L Comedy
What would it feel like if Jesus had called you to be a disciple?Serious business? A laughing matter? A bewildering succession of mysteries and miracles?It was all this and a lot more, as you’ll discover in these stunning performances by actor/comedians Ted and Lee. This comprehensive curriculum tur... (more)
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T D Jakes
The popular teaching of renowned pastor T.D. Jakes coupled with the timeless message of Scripture. The Holy Bible, Woman Thou Art Loosed Edition is the Bible that addresses emotional and spiritual issues from a biblical perspective and offers encouragement as only T.D. Jakes can do. Women will find ... (more)