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T D Jakes
Jakes, the world's best-known modalist, offers three books bound as one. Loose That Man and Let Him Go! focuses on becoming a better man, spiritually, relationally, and socially. So You Call Yourself a Man? collects over fifty devotional articles divided between five biblical men giving insight into... (more)
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T.D. Jakes
Bishop Jakes will heal and restore you to your God given strength and purpose. He will challenged to reply upon God's strength and be empowered by his grace to see God's fulfillment of your unrealized dreams and unfulfilled desires.
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T.D. Jakes
150 power-packed quotes from Bishop Jakes that will inspire you to reach for God's best, while leaving behind the problems of the past.
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Concise yet comprehensive, manageable and affordable, T&T Clark Study Guides are an invaluable resource for students, preachers and Bible study leaders. Each book in the series gives the reader a thorough introduction to a particular book of the Bible or the Apocrypha and includes: Originally p... (more)
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John Ritchie
Few Old Testament types are as detailed and instructive as the tabernacle, the offerings, and the priesthood. This is a good, succinct classic in that topic.
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Conner, Kevin