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The Land of Milk & Honey’s adorable animals—a handsome lion, lanky goose, delightful rabbit, and two huggable bears—sing, dance, and celebrate the presence and present of a baby. A Baby Is a Gift from God bursts with merry colors, cheery characters, and joyous quotes to remind new parents, grand... (more)
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"A Balanced Life" is the first in a new prayer series designed to make prayer a natural part of your daily life. Concentrating on themes that affect us all, these are lyrical and beautiful prayers. The first books in the series will cover subjects such as A Balanced Life and Forgiveness. The book is... (more)
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Michael Counsell
This book is an A-Z of beliefs, practices and teachings. Here is an accessible, easy to use guide to all the major beliefs and practices of the Christian faith, and a summary of the teachings of key theologians and theological movements through the ages. At a time when church leaders have stre... (more)
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Hillsong United
On Sunday night 8th of November 2009, thousands of worshippers gathered together in the Sydney Entertainment Centre in a collective Expression of worship, recording the latest live worship album from Hillsong Church. The fact that an album was being recorded seemed incidental, inconsequential eve... (more)
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Hillsong United
More information on A Beautiful Exchange (DVD)
Hillsong United
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Angela Thomas
Thomas shares with readers how a shift in her thinking has led her to understand that God does not require perfection, but rather our gracious obedience. She explains how in his eyes, our lives--complete with mistakes, blemishes, and imperfections--are "a beautiful offering."