More information on Qumran in Context
Y Hirschfeld
What if the Dead Sea Scrolls were not a product of an Essene Community at Qumran? In this bold reassessment of the archaeological evidence of Qumran and other nearby first-century sites on the western shore of the Dead Sea, Professor Hirschfeld argues persuasively that Qumran is not the site of an... (more)
More information on Call Of the Shepherd
Y M Tikkun
Call of the Shepherd is all about lambs growing into mature sheep. The Shepherd has opened the way for His flock to come into the pastures of His Kingdom. But redemption has more purpose than just a glorious endpoint. The journey itself invites the lambs to grow up as they journey with the Shepherd ... (more)
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More information on Gift For Life's Ups and Downs, A
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More information on 15 Minutes To Build A Stronger Marr
Yagel, B & N
By spending only 15-minutes a week, a busy couple can gain deeper understanding of each other and learn practical new techniques to strengthen their relationship.
More information on Witnesses To Power : Stories Of God's Quiet Work In A Changing
Yamamori; Chan
Offering an accurate and up-to-date history of the Chinese Church, this book full of personal testimonies of experiences of God's power will challenge and encourage everyone as the writers describe their walks of faith in a society very different from ours.
More information on Unification Church
Yamamoto, Isamu
The Unification Church and its founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon, have been in the center of controversy because of their recruiting practices, their financial holdings, and their authoritarian style--including arranged, mass marriages. Most controversial in terms of its teachings in Dr. Moon's claim to b... (more)