More information on Giving the Sense: Understanding & Using OT Historical Texts
M A Grisanti (Ed) / David M Howard (Ed)
More information on Help for the Laid Off
M A Kaarto
A timely message of hope and encouragement. Helps reader to accept the unacceptable; and show how to find sanity in a jobless reality & how to make it your job to find a job. It will also show the reader how to avoid falling into the classic pity party after a layoff. Economy and layoffs are the mai... (more)
More information on Reclaiming Liberation Theology: Liberation, Theology and Sexuality
M Althaus Reid
Marcella Althaus-Reid has drawn together a number of the most exciting Liberation Theologians currently working in Latin America and beyond whose work offers a wider and more complex critique of reality which is prepared to engage with issues of sexuality, race, gender, culture, globalization and ne... (more)
More information on Controversies in Feminist Theologies
M Althaus-Reid / Lisa Isherwood
"Controversies in Feminist Theologies" is a clear and accessible analysis of the current controversies within feminist theologies. It uses many of the themes of systematic theology to examine whether feminist theology has a future or whether its discourse and praxis has become bankrupt. The authors ... (more)
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M B Woodworth-Etter
More information on Seasons of Friendship
M Bankson
Drawing on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi, Bankson explores what we can learn from their unique friendship that survived marriages and moves, death and displacement. Bankson proposes that we need different kinds of friendships in different seasons of our lives. Stories from the author's own... (more)
More information on Seasons of Friendship: Naomi and ruth as Models for Relationships
M Bankson
Traces the cycles of Naomi and Ruth for clues about women's needs for varying friendships in different seasons of life.
More information on Call To The Soul, The
M Bankson
Each major life transition gives us a chance, Bankson proposes, "to name what we are here for." Using mythical archetypes, biblical and personal stories, she presents a revealing six-stage soulwork cycle to help us find our calling. A valuable resource for people seeking to nurture their spiritual g... (more)
More information on Braided Streams: Esther and a Woman's Way of Growing
M Bankson
Originally published in 1985 by LuraMedia (which became Innisfree Press), the first edition sold nearly 30,000 copies. In this revised edition the stories have been thoroughly updated for a more contemporary approach. Now there is a new generation of women who are trying to braid their life "streams... (more)