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U Luz
Translated by Rosemary Selle. The work of one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars, Ulrich Luz, this book gathers eighteen penetrating studies of Matthew’s Gospel, available here in English for the first time. Luz’s groundbreaking work ranges widely over the critical issues of Matthe... (more)
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Ullmer, Jonatha
A useful book of workshop activities showing you how to create your own scripts for drama. Sample scripts are enclosed, and its a great way to get people involved in drama so they aren't standing up look at a book! Jonathan Ullmer also wrote 'Creative Drama'
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Unfred, David
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Unger, Merrill
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Unger, Merrill
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Unger; Severenc
Noted for clear, authoritative definitions of words and descriptions of customs and places. A welcome feature is a complete pronunciation guide to Bible names.
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United Pursuit
A music collective bound together by friendship, united in vision, and living together in community. Their sound is diverse as their members, ranging from soaring worship anthems to powerful ballads, mixed in with folk influences and even a bit of gospel soul.