More information on R Option, The
Michael Schutler / David John Lee
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Wubbels, Lance
More information on R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Bill Craig / Donna Gandy
A ministry message to and about boomer adults—the impact they have had in everything they have touched and will continue to have, including in churches Target Audience: Adults, Staff Leaders in senior adult and/or emerging boomer ministry Description: A concise look at the baby-boomer genera... (more)
More information on R.S.V.P. - an Invitation to a New Life
Nick Fawcett
Do you think that Christianity is all rules and regulations, just a long list of 'thou shalt nots'? R.S.V.P - an invitation to a New Life shows us the route mapped out by Jesus himself. God loves us, he says, and he asks us in return to love him and each other. This book recaptures that simple... (more)
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Charing, Douglas
More information on Rabbi's Heartbeat, The
Brennan Manning
"D efine yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is an illusion. " Y ou are God's beloved child. Brennan Manning brings us from a lukewarm, distant faith to being close enough to lean against the breast of Jesus--the Great Rabbi--and listen to His heartb... (more)
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Alan Parry
More information on Rabble-rouser for Peace: The Authorised Biography of Desmond Tutu
John Allen
"Rabble-Rouser for Peace" is the first book to tell the full story of how a boy from South Africa's poverty-stricken black townships became one of the world's best-known religious figures, a moral icon to those who work for peace and justice everywhere. Published to coincide with his 75th birthday, ... (more)
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Richard Reddie & Others
In 2020 Britain marks the 25th anniversary of Racial Justice Sunday. This movement was established at a time when the UK was having to face up to both overt and subversive forms of racism, characterised by the tragic killing of black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, in Eltham in 1993. This murder, and... (more)
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Ritter, Sue
Laban Monklaast has two daughters - beautiful 21-year-old Rachel and her plain-looking sister Leah. When Laban employs his nephew Jacob, both daughters fall in love with him, resulting in a tangled web of heartbreak and deceit. The story is an update of the biblical story.