More information on D Factor, The: Youth Discipleship - The Hole in Our Thinking
West / Hopkins
The "D" Factor shows the church how to help teens create a powerful, positive form of peer pressure by discipling (the "D" factor) and leading cell groups.
More information on D Is For Depression
Michael Lawson
Depression seems to be everywhere. You all know someone who suffers from it - you may yourself? It has become such a part of the psychological landscape that it can be met with cynicism, or indifference, which is a problem - because Depression does exist - and people suffering from it need help. ... (more)
More information on D Is For Dinosaur
Ken Ham / Mally Ham
More information on D L Moody - Soul Winner
Chester Mann
More information on D L Moody Collection, The
Bell, James S
More information on D L Moody: Moody Without Sankey (History Makers)
John Pollock
More than a century after his death D. L. Moody remains a towering figure whose influence of his evangelism is still felt; the institutions he founded in America continue to flourish; his place in history is secure. But it is his personality that commands attention: rugged, delightful, compassionate... (more)
More information on D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Letters 1919
Dr M Lloyd Jones
More information on Da Vinci Code (Connect Bible Study Series)
Di Archer
Discover the appeal of The Da Vinci code and find out what the Bible has to say about the issues it raises.
More information on Da Vinci Code And The Catholic Tradition
Nancy De Flon / John Vidmar
Answers questions about "The Da Vinci Code" and the novel's relation to Catholicism, pointing out misrepresentations of church history and doctrine and revealing many positive aspects of the Catholic tradition.
More information on Da Vinci Code And The Secrets Of The Temple
Robin Griffith Jones
The Temple Church in London, the historic spiritual home of the Knights Templar, and the final resting place of crusading knights, features large in Dan Brown's mega selling, "Da Vinci Code" and also in the forthcoming film with Tom Hanks. Every Friday, the Master of the Temple Church, Robin Griffi... (more)