More information on Paul, Follower of Jesus
B A Ramsbottom
More information on Promise Of The Second Wind
B Butterworth / D Merril
Fresh Fuel for Running the Good Race. At times we all feel as if we can't go on. Our dreams have faded or crashed. We wake up one day and realize we're just plodding through life. We've embraced life, but still we wonder what "might have been?" What happened to our hopes and plans for stronger rel... (more)
More information on Hearing God's Call: Ways of Discernment for Laity and Clergy
B Campbell Johnson
How can one discern if a calling truly is from God? How can one be alert to the fact that one call is ending and another is beginning? In this insightful book Ben Campbell Johnson gives inspiring, experience-based advice on these and other questions concerning the call of God. Johnson begins by rel... (more)
More information on Klimt and His Cat
B Capatti
Debut author Capatti and Italian artist Monaco (A Brave Little Princess) offer a unique portrait of Gustav Klimt, his studio and his work-from the point of view of his pet, whom he calls Katze. On built-up layers of soft pastel, brilliant orange and cool gray-blue, Monaco creates portraits of Klimt ... (more)
More information on Meditations on the Psalms
B Cawthorne Crafton
365 days of meditations based on passages from the Psalms.
More information on Finding Time for Serenity: Every Woman's Book of Days
B Cawthorne Crafton
The companion for the busy woman, these daily meditations restore balance and bring perspective to daily life. Drawing on her experiences as wife, grandmother, priest, retreat leader and spiritual director, this is Barbara Crafton as the wise and funny friend every woman needs every day.
More information on Mending the World: Spiritual Hope for Ourselves and Our Planet
B Epperly / L Solomon
What we once thought to be "solid ground" has shifted. Our faith is tested. As we struggle for balance and a spiritual center, it is a time for new answers to some very old questions. Infusing tradition with innovation, Rabbi Lewis Solomon and United Church of Christ minister Bruce Epperly present a... (more)
More information on Hammer of God, The  (revised edition)
B Gietz
In this bestselling novel, three pastors learn the necessity of relying on God's grace. They fall short of their pastoral duties through public humiliation, self-doubt, inability to accept God's promises in their own lives, and divisions and quarreling among their parishioners. Ultimately each man r... (more)
More information on Celebrating Christ's Victory
B Gordon-Taylor
Covers the Church's year from Ash Wednesday onwards. Suitable for those involved in planning and leading worship, this book features chapters that deal with Lent, Passiontide and Holy Week, the Easter liturgy, Eastertide, Trinity to All Saints, and seasons and festivals of the agricultural year, and... (more)
More information on David's Secret Demons
B Halpern