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V Erickson
More information on 2 Corinthians (Believers Church Bible Commentary)
V George Shillington
"2 Corinthians" is the tenth volume to appear in this series. Shillington has immersed himself in the study of Paul and of 2 Corinthians. This epistle is Paul's personal testimony about his ministry of reconciliation and his ministry in defending the truth of the gospel.
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V Gilbert Beers
Nearly 250 favourite stories presented with background information in words and pictures. Ideal for new and young Christians. Over 400 pages of coloured photographs, drawings, maps and charts. Over 200 photos of bible lands today. Photos of more than 50 archaeological discoveries
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V Gilbert Beers
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V Gilbert Beers
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V Gilbert Beers
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V Marchenko
More information on Justification of the Good, The: An Essay on Moral Philosophy
V Solovyov
After passing through deism, pantheism, and sundry atheistic visions of life, Vladimir Solovyov emerged as a Christian thinker of irrepressible conviction and uncommon genius. "The Justification of the Good," one of Solovyov's last and most mature works, presents a profound argument for human morali... (more)
More information on Reconcilable Differences: Healing and Hope for Troubled Marriages
V Todd-Holeman
Counselor and teacher Holeman weaves together biblical insight and rich theological reflection while drawing from the best of current psychological studies on forgiveness, repentance and reconciling to help couples work towards healing and transformation of broken relationships.