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Bob Holman
If I Had a Hundred Lives... On F. B. Meyer's death in 1929 The Daily Telegraph called him 'The Archbishop of the Free Churches'. The New York Observer noted that 'He has an international fame and his services are constantly sought by churches over the wide and increasing empire of Christendom.' To ... (more)
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Reapsome, James
Ezra and Nehemiah were both needed to fulfill God's plan. From their dramatic stories readers learn lessons about spiritual leadership, prayer, courage, and obedience.
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Plueddemann, J
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Tinder, Glenn
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David B Gowler
Vernon K. Robbins has changed the face of New Testament studies through his commitment to exploring the interface of several disciplines. His Exploring the Texture of Texts introduces students to the ways that society and rhetoric form part of the fabric out of which literary texts are woven, and he... (more)
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Phoebe is 13, a Christian, and she is overweight. She has a great sense of humour and her escapades are full of jokes and fun. As Phoebe tells her story, she tries to figure out who is poisoning the cats, what''s that creepy bird woman up to, why is the perfect girl at church so mean at school, is i... (more)
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Scot McKnight / Grant R Osborne