More information on Authority Abusers
G Bloomer
Church was never meant to hurt so much. The wounded and weak have been preyed upon. Hurting souls have been frightened into submission by leaders who use people to improve their own self-esteem and advance their careers. Tragically, this has all happened within the church where salvation, healing, f... (more)
More information on Concise Survey of the Bible
G Campbell Morgan
Charts and chapter breakdowns are strategicall place in this volume for futher reference on the Bible books.
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G Campbell Morgan
More information on Bible Dictionary
G Douglas Young
Young's Bible Dictionary offers concise and clear information on all the major people, places, objects, events, key words in the Bible, and theological terms. Designed to be used alongside all major Bible translations, this tool is highly rated for scholarship and clarity by Biblical Archaeological ... (more)
More information on A Handbook For Seminary Presidents
G Douglass Lewis / Lovett H Weems
There are now over 250 theological seminaries in the United States and Canada. Leading these diverse institutions is a difficult task that combines elements of executive management, academic prowess, master storytelling, and spiritual discipline. Apart from informal mentoring relationships, howeve... (more)
More information on Timeless Prayers for Peace: Voices Together from Around the World
G Duncan
This is a broad-ranging resource for worship, prayer groups and school assemblies. It focuses on the reality of peace , from inner peace to peace between individuals and between countries. The writers span centuries and are from many cultures.
More information on Captivation Of The Will, The: Luther Vs Erasmus On Freedom and Bondage
G Forde
The Captivation of the Will provocatively revisits a perennial topic of controversy — human free will. Highly esteemed Lutheran thinker Gerhard O. Forde cuts to the heart of the subject by reexamining the famous debate on the will between Luther and Erasmus. Following a substantial introduction b... (more)