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Paul Nigro
Q... a carefully guarded First Century manuscript, purporting to be witness to the life of Jesus, is stolen by a man who wants nothing more than to rid the world of the Christian faith! In 70 A.D., Ezra, a scribe, who was a witness to the life and teachings of Jesus, leaves his notes--now called Q--... (more)
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Lisa Samson
Every year I think there must be more to life, and every year, despite a new car or a trip to a new land, new milestones and triumphs in my son's life, or a redone deck, a pool, a spa, or entertainment system, I take stock and think once again, I was made for more than this. But I love my stuff. ... (more)
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Benne, Robert
More information on Quantum Grace: Lenten Reflections on Creation and Connectedness
Judy Cannato
This book invites us during the season of Lent to look at our beliefs, decisions and actions, and the way they affect not only our person lives but also the lives of all others. Author Judy Cannato provides compelling reflections and shows us that "remaining vulnerable to the divine presence, allowi... (more)
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J Cannato
All life is connected, and when we fall into disconnection we can experience alienation and the sense that we are separate and apart. Quantum Grace: The Sunday Readings expands on author Judy Cannatos theme of observing Lent through the lens of "new physics." It complements and completes the reflect... (more)
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Dean Nelson / Karl Giberson
More information on Queen Esther's Secrets of Womanhood: A Biblical Rite of Passage for Yo
Ginger Garrett
Using the book of Esther as a springboard for topics such as respect, romance and confidence, moms and daughters have a year's worth of discussion topics.
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Douglas Hirt