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H. Kroeze, Jackie A. Naude, and Christo H. J. van der Merwe. This work is intended to serve as a user-friendly and up-to-date source of information on the morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Biblical Hebrew verbs, nouns and other word classes (prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, modal ... (more)
More information on Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation
C Bartholomew (ed) / C S Evans (ed) / Mary Healy (ed) / Murray Rae (ed)
‘There are few topics more central to the task of biblical interpretation than history, and not many become so multifaceted as soon as they are examined in depth. Equally, few books open up the topic in such an illuminating and thoughtprovoking manner as this splendid collection of essays and respon... (more)
More information on Renewing Biblical Interpretation (Scripture & Hermeneutics Series V.1)
C Bartholomew (ed) / Colin Greene (ed) / Karl Moller (ed)
The first of eight volumes from the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar.
More information on Royal Priesthood?: The Use of the Bible Ethically and Politically
C Bartholomew (ed) / J Chaplin (ed) / Robert Song (ed) / Al Wolters (ed)
Any attempt to open the Bible in new and fresh ways for our cultures at the start of the third millennium must explore how to read the Bible ethically and politically. This volume looks at the obstacles to such a process, and in dialogue with Oliver O’Donovan’s creative work in this regard, looks at... (more)
More information on Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation
C Bartholomew (ed) / Mary Healy (ed) / Karl Moller (ed) / Robin Parry (ed)
Book Description ‘The Christian church confesses Scripture to be the authoritative Word of God, and thereby commits itself to seeking the inner unity of the Bible as it is focused on the one gospel of Jesus Christ, which the church declares to the world. Biblical theology is the name for the articu... (more)
More information on Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisted
c Baxter Kruger
The Great Dance is astonishing vision of human life and the mystery of its intersection with the life of the Triune God. Dr. Kruger charts a course from the Trinity to the incarnation to the union of humanity with God in Jesus Christ. In that light he offers a breathtaking interpretation of our huma... (more)
More information on Aging, Death, and the Quest for Immortality
C Ben Mitchell (Ed) / Robert D Orr (Ed) / Susan Salladay (Ed)
More information on Action in Waiting
C Blumhardt