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I Am They
AM THEY made its national debut in January 2015 with their self-titled album on Essential Records. The band's five-piece, pop-acoustic worship sound is anchored by three-part vocal harmonies. The group, made up of Abbie Parker (vocals/harmonium), Jon McConnell (vocals/guitars/keys), Matt Hein (voca... (more)
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I Briggs Myers / Peter B Myers
More information on Joel and Obadiah - A Mentor Commentary
I Busenitz
Irvin Busenitz was a member of Faculty at Talbot Theological Seminary before becoming a founding member of The Master's Seminary where he has taught ever since. Dr Busenitz was presented the John Solomon Award for excellence in Semitics and Old Testament, has done post-doctoral study at the American... (more)
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I D Campbell
The Old Testament book of Ruth is more than a rustic love story - it is a presentation of the Gospel by which sinners are still saved. In these devotional studies Iain D Campbell interprets the story of Ruth against the backdrop of God's covenant of grace. He explores how Ruth, by grace, was brought... (more)
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I Howard Marshall
Few would deny that a person named Jesus lived and died during the first century of this era. Yet opinions differ widely as to the reliability of the New Testament record of his life. In I Believe in the Historical Jesus, Marshall surveys the quest for the historical Jesus from the 19th century to... (more)
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I Howard Marshall
Provides a principled way of moving from Scripture to its contemporary understanding and application. How can Christians today move from what the Bible writers said to what we must say in contemporary theology? How can we think theologically in ways that are deeply grounded in an authoritative Sc... (more)
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Iain Campbell
Modern theology reveres the names of Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann and Emil Brunner, hailed as the heroes of a new, modern and re-stated Reformation theology - a new orthodoxy for a new age. In this book, Iain D. Campbell focuses on one doctrine - the doctrine of sin - and views it first in its bib... (more)
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Iain D Campbell
By the time you've read through Exodus, you've learned the basic vocabulary of the gospel. Words like blood, redeem, sacrifice, glory, law, tabernacle, and Passover are all here, part of the great drama in which God saves a people for himself. To study Exodus, therefore, is to come to the heart of t... (more)