Bill Craig / Donna Gandy
A ministry message to and about boomer adults—the impact they have had in everything they have touched and will continue to have, including in churches

Target Audience: Adults, Staff Leaders in senior adult and/or emerging boomer ministry

A concise look at the baby-boomer generation and how its members are relating to the church.


•1. The Times They Are A’Changin’: Meaningful Ministry to Baby Boomers in Your Church and Community - Introduction by Bill Craig, director of Leadership and Adult ministry; provides background for the book and research
•2. My Generation: Who are boomers?
•3. Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No): Boomers and the church yesterday, today, and tomorrow
•4. Fun, Fun, Fun: First steps to starting meaningful Boomer Ministry in your church and community
•5. Come Together: Connect Establishing relationships between boomers and God, the church, and each other
•6. Blowin’ In the Wind: Grow Leading boomers to know God’s Word and how it makes a difference in their lives every day
•7. Light My Fire: Serve Enlisting boomers to invest themselves in meaningful ministry through the church
•8. Pass It On: Go Challenging boomers to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and missions


•Inexpensive ministry message
•Written in a conversational voice
•Includes testimonies from boomers represented in research
•Highlights several representative churches doing ministry with emerging boomers
•Each section identified by song titles that represent eras in which boomers grew up


•Based on extensive research and demographics into boomers and boomer ministry
•Low cost allows more individuals/leaders to access research and its implications
•Helps church leaders understand changes that will be coming in their churches as boomers age
•May be used by individuals or ministry teams to work through together as needed/desired
•Unpacks LifeWay’s Adult Ministry Strategy—Connect Grow Serve Go—for use with boomer adults

ISBN: 9781415867051
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN RES. - published 17/05/2010
Format: Paperback