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Robert Atwell
Everybody wants a christening, wedding or funeral service to be unique to them and one of the main ways of personalising a ceremony is to choose one's own readings. Not everyone reads poetry or novels together and many do not know where to start in choosing a special piece. Here, an experienced edit... (more)
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Grace is one of the best gifts you'll ever give . . . or receive. This collection of endearing stories and uplifting quotes reminds us that the generosity of God's wonderful grace is all the motivation we need to become great-hearted givers ourselves. A trend-setting color pallet and contemporary... (more)
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Max Lucado
Each brief thought in this heartwarming collection is accompanied by an irresistible drawing to remind readers of God's love and care. Shea's disarming and delightful illustrations pair perfectly with Lucado's warm words in this unique, full-colour gift book.
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Max Lucado
A title that tells Mom exactly what she wants to hear! God Thinks You're Wonderful, Mom features the lighthearted, encouraging writings of Max Lucado and the whimsical illustrations of Chris Shea. Celebrating the wonderful attributes of motherhood, this book reminds moms everywhere just how impor... (more)
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Helen Steiner Rice
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On graduation day, when life's journey seems uncertain, it's nice to know that God has the path clearly planned. That's the underlying theme of God's Promises® Are Great for Graduates! This collection of Scripture promises and inspirational quotes, carefully selected for the graduate, are compliment... (more)
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Susan Sayers
Making friends with a baby has to be one of the greatest human joys. That wide-eyed innocence and all those changing expressions, the funny and exasperating times during the first couple of years, and the amazing miracle of life itself. Not surprising, really, that the baby you know and love so mu... (more)
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Be they furry, infuriating, faithful, funny and feline - believe it or not your own cat can teach you quite a bit about God's love. This little book is just the beginning of a whole new dimension to your relationship with your cat.
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Susan Sayers
Lots of us find it very creative and satisfying to prepare and cook good food to eat and to share a meal with family and friends. Cooking can tell us quite a lot about the God who made us and provides us daily with food from the earth. This little book is just the beginning of a whole new dimension ... (more)