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Nancy Twigg
From Christmas to Valentine's Day, birthday parties to wedding celebrations, and everything in between, Celebrate Simply seeks to bring the fun back into holidays and special occasions.
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Neil Goodman
£4.99  £1.50
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Nicholas King
The Stations of the Cross is a devotional walk, allowing Christians to follow Christ's footsteps on his journey through Jerusalem, from condemnation by Pontius Pilate to being laid in the tomb following His death on the Cross. Each Station is a place of significance on that Journey, and allows Ch... (more)
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Nicholas King
The Rosary is an ancient, meditative prayer. Over the centuries, many people have found it useful in their journey with God. This book, beautifully illustrated and enriched with the author's own acclaimed translation of the New Testament, is a superb accompaniment to the journey of personal faith... (more)
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Nick Fawcett
Where is God in our world today? News headlines seem to be dominated by stories of evil, sorrow and suffering, and as Christians we struggle as keenly as anyone to make sense of it all. How can we possibly talk of a loving God amid so much that seems to question or deny his presence? The prayer-... (more)
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Niki Anderson
Busy readers looking for a quick means of daily encouragement love these handsome devotional books. Each easy-to-read meditation is short enough to read in just moments, but long enough to provide lasting inspiration.