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Broth Victor-Antoine
More information on Remember - 100 readings for bereavement
Roert Atwell
Increasingly people like to customise the ceremonies and rituals that mark their rites of passage. This third of three anthologies offer a selection of 100 readings for special occasions. Drawn from scripture and a wide range of poetry and prose over the centuries, not all are religious, but all are... (more)
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Russell Cronkhite
Picnics Fresh country air fills your lungs under the cool shade of towering oak trees. Soft blades of grass tickle your feet as you relax in the classic setting for America ’s favorite gathering. of All Shapes and Sizes From a romantic fete for two along the riverside to an extended cele... (more)
More information on Return to Sunday Dinner, A
Russell Cronkhite
Combine the sparkle of a beautifully set table, the aroma of herb-roasted chicken, and joyful conversation and for a multisensory delight! Rekindle the bygone Sunday-dinner tradition with mouthwatering recipes from across America---from Boston brown bread to glazed country-baked ham to warm peach co... (more)
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Nicholas King
The Rosary is an ancient, meditative prayer. Over the centuries, many people have found it useful in their journey with God. This book, beautifully illustrated and enriched with the author's own acclaimed translation of the New Testament, is a superb accompaniment to the journey of personal faith... (more)