More information on Heaven
Gaither, Bill / Gaither, G
What do you think Heaven will be like? How do you describe Heaven to your kids? What are you going to ask Jesus? Bill and Gloria Gaither gathered friends to discuss these questions and more about their eternal home. The responses were all that you might imagine…and more. Releasing simultane... (more)
More information on What My God Has Taught Me About Life
Gary Stanley
What My Dog Has Taught Me About Life is the only breed of its kind on the market today with an inspirational personality! This adorable book is sure to give readers a bundle of affection because we've included a delightful assortment of photographs and illustrations of faithful, fun-loving dogs. And... (more)
More information on No Pet Left Behind
Gayle Martz
No Pet Left Behind is perfect for anyone wanting to travel with their furry friend, whether across town or across the world. This book provides solid information and helpful hints for modern day pet lovers who want their furry friends to be safe, healthy, and comfortable while accompanying them o... (more)
More information on God's Promises are Great for Graduates
On graduation day, when life's journey seems uncertain, it's nice to know that God has the path clearly planned. That's the underlying theme of God's Promises® Are Great for Graduates! This collection of Scripture promises and inspirational quotes, carefully selected for the graduate, are compliment... (more)