More information on Jesus Loves Me This I Know
Robert J Morgan
You cut your teeth on this beloved hymn. Even before you knew anything about a personal Savior, you knew one thing for sure: Jesus loves me! This little song is backed by a great big story. And now, thanks to Rob Morgan's distinctive writing style, that amazing tale is being told in remarkable depth... (more)
More information on Jesus: The Reason for the Season
Take a refreshing look at Christmas with this collection of poems, quotes, scriptures, and carols—all declaring the birth of God's Son, the real reason for the season!
More information on John Paul II: A Pope for the People
Luigi Accattoli / H Fischer
A quarter of a century ago, the Catholic Church surprised the world by electing its first Polish pope, 58-year-old Karol Wojtyla, known as John Paul II. The pontiff's charisma has made him a beloved figure even as he has struggled to represent and unite the disparate factions of the modern Catholic ... (more)
More information on Joy to the World: Inspiration to Celebrate the Season
Christmas is a time of joy. Our carols call us to rejoice. Our Christmas cards are covered with such cheerful words as "Merry Christmas", "Joy to the World", and "Happy Holidays". Something about the holiday season stirs up joyful emotions; and the reason that we celebrate causes us to overflow in a... (more)
More information on Joys of Friendship and Love, The
Roy Lessin / Heather Solum
Come Sit Awhile-The Joys of Friendship and Love invites readers to enjoy all the comfort, warmth, and love a visit with friends on the front porch has to offer. Memorable words and charming four-color illustrations grace every page of this little volume. The addition of a presentation page allows co... (more)
More information on Just For You - Readings From He Chose The Nails
LUCADO, MAX / Max Lucado
This artistic coffee table book combines the incredible images of "The Visual Bible" and the dynamic text of "He Chose the Nails." Full color.