More information on Extending the Table: World Community Cookbook
J Handrich Schlabach
Here's an opportunity for cooks to learn about our world and its wide variety of flavorful foods--Peach Chutney from Botswana, Ginger Cooler from the Ivory Coast, Rice Noodles with Vegetables from the Philippines. These wonderful recipes from more than 80 countries introduce foods from around the wo... (more)
More information on Angels
Jane Williams
More information on Wecolme with Joy: A Journal to Remember Your Babys Baptism
Joan Brown
Welcome with Joy is a journal designed to enrich the celebration of your baby's baptism in the Anglican Church, giving you a keepsake of this special occasion that will last forever. Working through the book page by page, you will be led into a deeper understanding of the wonder of baptism, God's... (more)
More information on Treasure of a Friend Journal
John Maxwell
Using quotes and matching layouts from Maxwell's best-selling book, The Treasure of a Friend, this journal highlights the connections, the bonds, and experiences of being a true friend. This journal is designed key elements for recording "friendship times" throughout one's life. The considerable att... (more)
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John Pestell
Seventeenth Century England was an unsettled place but men like Bunyan sought to bring the healing word of God to it. With this unique guide, you have the opportunity of learning about John Bunyan’s life, and of visiting the places where he lived; you can see the sites of the tiny hamlet where Bunya... (more)
More information on Hugs for Friends
John William Smith
More information on Cathedral: The English Cathedrals and the World That Made Them
Jon Cannon
This fascinating new history of England's cathedrals explores a previously unconsidered view of these extraordinary creations: as constantly-changing structures created by a rich brew of ancient rituals, beliefs, personalities and politics - a living window on to the past. Incorporating the late... (more)
More information on Church Flowers
Judith Blacklock
Church Flowers by Judith Blacklock is the essential guide to arranging flowers in Church. Printed in full color throughout, the book contains step-by-step instructions on creating perfect large-scale mechanics. The book also demonstrates how to design beautiful floral arrangements for Weddings.