More information on Pearls form Heaven: Your Heavenly Father's Words of Love and Comfort..
Mary Grace Birkhead
God's Word is filled with 'pearls' of discovery. He longs for His children to wear his power, His truth, His promises, His faithfulness and His unwavering acceptance close to their hearts and spirits. Weaving together a beautiful strand from scripture with simple and profound reminders of God's hear... (more)
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Chris Shea
The illustrator of the best-selling God Thinks You're Wonderful and Merry Christmas with Love has created the perfect gift book to give to a friend on any gift giving occasion: Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, or just to say thanks for being a friend. Thi... (more)
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Be inspired. . .or inspire someone else with six brand-new titles joining the Life’s Little Books of Wisdom series. For gardeners, baseball fans, and everyone in between, these accessible little books are overflowing with inspiration and encouragement. This attractive series is packaged for portabil... (more)
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Peter Owen-Jones
Psalms are song lyrics, the poetry of the soul. Written around 2500-3500 years ago, they are part of our history, our consciousness. This selection of a dozen trans-created Psalms, taking its inspiration from rap and country and western, brings the intent of the writers into the poetry and language ... (more)