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Experience a renewed sense of thankfulness for your family with this refreshing gift book that features the beloved poetry of Helen Steiner Rice. With a unique blend of inspirational verse and devotional readings that center around the many facets of family, you'll find the encouragement you need to... (more)
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David Adam
Much of the inspiration for David Adam’s writing comes from his deep appreciation of the miracle of creation. This series affords him the opportunity to focus in turn on each of the seasons in order to help the reader come to a greater awareness of its significance in terms of the Christian life. ... (more)
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Peter Watkins
However modest or grand, there is truly no place like home. A Little Book of House Blessings celebrates the joys of making your nest happy and secure. What better way to begin than to follow the ancient custom of invoking a blessing on your home? Here are house blessings from the Bible, from Celtic ... (more)
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Laurel Brunvoll
Grandpas do things that others don't do; they get away with things the rest of us cannot! Laurel Brunvoll pays special tribute through fun-loving, anecdotal stories that celebrate the mischief and playfulness of grandfathers. Other features include humorous quotations, whimsical "grandpa-isms," and ... (more)
More information on All My Good Habits I Learned From My Grandma
Laurel Brunvoll
There's nothing like going to Grandma's-loving arms always eager to greet you, warm cookies in the cookie jar, and reassuring words when you need them most . Through inspiring, fun-loving stories, Laurel Brunvoll captures the charm and winning qualities that only grandma's possess. Endearing quotes ... (more)
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Marco Bussagli
From the same series as Abrams' successful "Saints: A Year in Faith and Art" comes "Angels", with representations of these celestial heralds from early Christian mosaics to the paintings of Marc Chagall. Art historian Marco Bussagli has organised the book by significant Biblical events, beginning wi... (more)
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Jane Williams
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Reece; Donihue
For anyone who teaches, here's a bushel of shiny, red apples--stories, quotations, and Scriptures that say "thank you for being my teacher!" This deluxe full-color gift book is the perfect substitute for a greeting card with its inspirational text, photographic illustrations, and an envelope, too!