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Mary Grace Birkhead
The Bible, just like a cabinet lined with delicate and cherished teacups, is filled with many beautiful treasures, special among them are the many names of God. Each name of the Father reveals a part of His character, allowing us to know Him more deeply and draw closer to the One who created us, the... (more)
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Mick Hales
This wonderful gift package of the Beloved book from the Old Testament contains 150 hymns, prayers of crisis and songs of faith fundamental to both Christian and Jewish liturgies. The translation comes from the King James version of the Bible, complete and unabridged. Each Psalm is accompanied on th... (more)
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A gift to encourage hearts and create fond farewells. Life has thousands of goodbyes-some of them easy, some of them considerably more difficult. This four-color, from-me-to-you book celebrates relationships and lasting bonds . . . even when we have to say goodbye. Just like in real goodbyes, the... (more)
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Ronald Bresland
When C S Lewis’ grandfather, Richard Lewis, hand-carved a wardrobe out of black oak to adorn his family home, he had little idea that it would provide his grandson with the inspiration for one of the world’s best-loved children’s stories. The wardrobe stood for a time in the family home in Belfast, ... (more)
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John Pestell
Seventeenth Century England was an unsettled place but men like Bunyan sought to bring the healing word of God to it. With this unique guide, you have the opportunity of learning about John Bunyan’s life, and of visiting the places where he lived; you can see the sites of the tiny hamlet where Bunya... (more)
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John Maxwell
Using quotes and matching layouts from Maxwell's best-selling book, The Treasure of a Friend, this journal highlights the connections, the bonds, and experiences of being a true friend. This journal is designed key elements for recording "friendship times" throughout one's life. The considerable att... (more)