More information on All My Good Habits I Learned From My Grandma
Laurel Brunvoll
There's nothing like going to Grandma's-loving arms always eager to greet you, warm cookies in the cookie jar, and reassuring words when you need them most . Through inspiring, fun-loving stories, Laurel Brunvoll captures the charm and winning qualities that only grandma's possess. Endearing quotes ... (more)
More information on All My Bad Habits I Learned From My Grandpa
Laurel Brunvoll
Grandpas do things that others don't do; they get away with things the rest of us cannot! Laurel Brunvoll pays special tribute through fun-loving, anecdotal stories that celebrate the mischief and playfulness of grandfathers. Other features include humorous quotations, whimsical "grandpa-isms," and ... (more)
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Louisa May Alcott
More information on Just For You - Readings From He Chose The Nails
LUCADO, MAX / Max Lucado
This artistic coffee table book combines the incredible images of "The Visual Bible" and the dynamic text of "He Chose the Nails." Full color.
More information on John Paul II: A Pope for the People
Luigi Accattoli / H Fischer
A quarter of a century ago, the Catholic Church surprised the world by electing its first Polish pope, 58-year-old Karol Wojtyla, known as John Paul II. The pontiff's charisma has made him a beloved figure even as he has struggled to represent and unite the disparate factions of the modern Catholic ... (more)