More information on Incomparable Audio book (Audio CD)
Andrew Wilson
This audio book on CD read by Andrew Wilson is ideal for personal devotion time or in small group meetings, and will spark off in depth discussions on the character of God. Andrew's passion for God makes for an inspiring listen and encourages us to pursue knowing God more. God Most High. The LOR... (more)
More information on Indwelling, The (Audio Cd)
Tim LaHaye
The Indwelling, book number seven in the best-selling Left Behind series, marks the beginning of the second half of the seven year Tribulation period. The question of who killed Nicolae at the end of book number six, Assassins, will be answered. Readers will experience the horrors of God's judgment ... (more)
More information on Indwelling: An Experience in Sound and Drama (Left Behind # 7)
Tim Lahaye / Jerry Jenkins
The Experience in Sound and Drama series of audio products from Left Behind have captured the minds and ears of fiction fans worldwide. Aired on hundreds of radio stations nationwide as well as the worldwide Web, this package of twelve new episodes will make a total of 84 episodes available in this ... (more)
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Strobel, Lee
A book that enables Christians and Christian leaders to understand the unchurched Christians and how their churches can become effective in evangelism. This condensed audio version of the book is read by the author.