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Robison, James
Our country seems to be falling further away from biblical morality every day, chipping away at our national integrity and cultural inheritance. This book identifies twenty rock-solid truths upon which Americans can build a national consensus and actually reunite as a people. By working in these are... (more)
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Odom, Mel
From the decks of U.S. Navy Carriers patrolling the Mediterranean to Fort Benning, Georgia and the dusty sands of the Turkish-Syrian Border, this new suspense thriller runs side-by-side with the Left Behind Series. New characters and situations are added to those from the already explosive Left Behi... (more)
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Tim Lahaye / Jerry Jenkins
The Experience in Sound and Drama series of audio products from Left Behind has captured the minds and ears of fiction fans worldwide. Aired on hundreds of radio stations nationwide as well as the World Wide Web, this package of 12 new episodes will make a total of 132 episodes available in this for... (more)
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Tim LaHaye / Jerry B Jenkins
The biggest novel of 2003 will be highly anticipated by consumers worldwide. Only the almighty God stands in the way of Antichrist's plans to rule the world forever. Nicolae Carpathia challenges God to a final showdown in the cosmic battle of the ages.
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Tim LaHaye
The best-selling Christian fiction series of all time, Left Behind, reaches a crescendo in this gripping book when Nicolae Carpathia is assassinated, setting the stage for the Great Tribulation.
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Tim Lahaye / Jerry Jenkins
The sixth book in the explosive Left Behind series is the backdrop for this audio product. Adrenaline-intensive writing from the master partnership of Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Available on high quality audiocassette and compact disc.