More information on Too Busy Not To Pray - Slowing Down To Be With God (Audiobook)
Bill Hybels
Slowing Down To Be With God Most of us have trouble finding time to pray. There's church and school and neighbourhod and job and friends and recreation. And then the crises hit! Time for prayer seems impossible to find. As a pastor, Bill Hybels knows hundreds of people with schedules like this... (more)
More information on Second Touch: Unabridged Audio CD
Bodie Thoene / Brock Theone
Be transported once again to the dark and tumultuous times of first-century Jerusalem. Return to the story of Peniel, the no-longer-blind beggar who still longs for the connection of home and family. Meet new characters like Lily, Cantor, and Rabbi Ahava, who hold on to hope in spite of their devast... (more)
More information on First Light - Series: A.D. Chronicles (CD)
Bodie Thoene / Brock Thoene
A.D. Chronicles is a series with the potential to reach beyond the avid fiction reader market. These books will transport readers back to the First Century A.D. where they will become immersed in the culture of Jesus' day, gaining fresh insight to the richness of the scriptures, the intense longing ... (more)
More information on Everything Must Change Audiobook
Brian McLaren
How do the life and teachings of Jesus address the most critical global problems in our world today? In Everything Must Change, you will accompany Brian around the world on a search for answers. Along the way you'll experience intrigue, alarm, challenge, insight, and hope. You'll get a fresh and... (more)
More information on The Heavenly Man Audio Book (8 CDs)
Brother Yun / Paul Hattaway
A compelling and dramatic tale of God's faithfulness through desperately difficult circumstances The dramatic autobiography of one of China's dedicated, courageous and intensely persecuted house church leaders. This is the gripping story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor ... (more)
More information on The Prayer of Jabes (Audio CD)
Bruce Wilkinson
Hear the power on CD! Thirty segments from Stormie’s award–winning book encourage women to pray for every part of their husbands’ lives, including work, spiritual strength, fears, and decision–making.
More information on Secrets Of The Vine (Audio Book)
Bruce Wilkinson
This this follow-up to the bestselling The Prayer of Jabez , Dr. Wilkinson demonstrates how Jesus is the Vine of life, discusses four levels of fruit bearing (doing the good work of God), and reveals three life-changing truths that will lead readers to new joy. 1 cassette.
More information on Pilgrim's Progress (Audiobook)
Bunyan, John
John Bunyan's classic story of Christian setting out on his unique pilgrimage is brought alive by Frank Topping's excellent reading. Christian's journey is timeless as he travels from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City meeting such characters as Pliable, Talkative, Giant Despair, Evangeli... (more)