More information on Taken On Trust (Audiobook)
Waite, Terry
This is the story of Terry Waite's capture and imprisonment by Muslim extremists in Beirut, and how his faith endured. The cassette contains a new postscript, and is read by the author.
More information on The Beloved Disciple: Following John to the Heart of Jesus Audio CD
John the apostle must have thought he had seen everything. Having been with Jesus all the years of his ministry, John witnessed more miracles than he could count, saw more displays of power than he could comprehend, and experienced more love than he could fathom. And one unforgettable morning young ... (more)
More information on The Five Love Languages (Audio CD)
Gary D Chapman
In The Five Love Languages, you will find a couple's guide to help you work as a team. Before you know it, you'll learn to speak and understand the unique languages of love and effectively express your love as well as feel truly loved in return.
More information on The Great Omission Audiobook
Dallas Willard
A spiritual classic from Dallas Willard The last command Jesus gave the church before he ascended to heaven was the Great Commission, the call for Christians to 'make disciples of all the nations.' But Christians have responded by making 'Christians', not 'disciples'. This, according to bri... (more)
More information on The Heavenly Man Audio Book (8 CDs)
Brother Yun / Paul Hattaway
A compelling and dramatic tale of God's faithfulness through desperately difficult circumstances The dramatic autobiography of one of China's dedicated, courageous and intensely persecuted house church leaders. This is the gripping story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor ... (more)
More information on The Hiding Place Audio CD
Corrie Ten Boom
Enter into The Hiding Place to relive Corrie ten Boom's heart-pounding account as a leader in the Dutch Underground during World War II. In this latest release from Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre, you'll find tragedy, perseverance, and the reality of God's amazing love. With a cast of internati... (more)
More information on The Imitation of Christ (Unabridged Audio CD)
Thomas A Kempis / D C Heath (Read by)
Only the Bible has been more influential as a source of Christian devotional reading than "The Imitation of Christ." This mediation on the spiritual life has inspired readers from Thomas More and St. Ignatius Loyola to Thomas Merton and Pope John Paul I. Written by the Augustinian monk Thomas a Kemp... (more)
More information on The Power of Simple Prayer (Audio CD)
Joyce Meyer / Read by S McCollom
How to Talk with God about Everything. Have you ever really considered what prayer is and why you pray? Do you understand just how your prayer impacts your life? Joyce unravels the mystery of talking with God by explaining and exploring the different types of prayer: praise, worship, and th... (more)
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Bruce Wilkinson
Hear the power on CD! Thirty segments from Stormie’s award–winning book encourage women to pray for every part of their husbands’ lives, including work, spiritual strength, fears, and decision–making.
More information on The Pursuit of God Audio Book (Audio CD)
A W Tozer
During a train trip from Chicago to Texas in the late 1940's, A.W. Tozer began to write The Pursuit of God. He wrote all night, the words coming to him as fast as he could put them down. When the train pulled into McAllen, the rough draft was done. Although written in such a remarkably short period ... (more)