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Matt Redman
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Max Lucado
Max Lucado illustrates "humanity meeting divinity" in his presentation of a Jesus accessible enough to live next door, powerful enough to be Savior. We applaud men for doing good things. We enshrine God for doing great things. But what about a man who does God things? One thing is certain. We cannot... (more)
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Max Lucado
If 9/11 are the numbers of terror and despair, then 3:16 are the numbers of hope. Best-selling author Max Lucado leads readers through a word-by-word study of John 3:16, the passage that he calls the "Hope Diamond" of Scripture. 3:16 will have a large, multi-faceted campaign, including: Multip... (more)
More information on Fragile Stone - The Emotional Life of Simon Peter (Audio CD)
Michael Card
Exploring the dynamic, contradictory life of the apostle Peter, Michael Card shows how the impetuous fisherman of Galilee was transformed into a pivotal leader of the early church. He offers hope that we likewise can be radically changed as Jesus calls us to follow him.
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Myers, Bill
Mysterious blood has been discovered on the remains of an ancient religious artifact. Some believe it is the blood of Christ. And experiments with specific genes from the blood have brought surprising findings. Now it’s time to introduce those genes into a human.Enter Michael Coleman: multiple kille... (more)