More information on Next Door Savior (CD)
Max Lucado
Max Lucado illustrates "humanity meeting divinity" in his presentation of a Jesus accessible enough to live next door, powerful enough to be Savior. We applaud men for doing good things. We enshrine God for doing great things. But what about a man who does God things? One thing is certain. We cannot... (more)
More information on Nicolae: An Experience in Sound and Drama (Left Behind # 3)
Tim LaHaye / Jerry Jenkins
Nicolae: An Experience in Sound and Drama is a collection of twelve half-hour audio dramas that give Left Behind fans an entirely different experience with the story. These segments focus completely on the story and plot in Nicolae. They will also be aired on radio stations across the country.
More information on Not Even a Hint - 3 Pack CD
Joshua Harris
Among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality... (Ephesians 5:3, NIV) Lust isn't just a guy problem - it's a human problem. And unless we honestly confront it, lust will destroy our relationships and our lives. Joshua Harris, author of the runaway bestseller 'I Kissed Dating Goodb... (more)