More information on Feeding Your Appetites (Unabridged Audio on 5 CDs)
Stephen Arterburn / Dr Debra Cherry
Whether it's chocolate, cars, travel, sports, the Internet, TV, work or sex, every person has the God-given capacity for enjoying things. Our earthly appetites, like fire, can serve many good purposes and fill our lives with warmth. But when those appetites get out of control, they can become an inf... (more)
More information on Finding God In The Shack (Audio CD)
Roger E Olson
The Shack has touched millions of readers with its portrayal of a compassionate God in the face of great evil. Many have identified with the main character's Great Sadness, the terrible burden of grief that often accompanies and follows a deep loss, for the Great Sadness is part of the human conditi... (more)
More information on First Light - Series: A.D. Chronicles (AUD-CD)
Thoene, Bodie
Go back in time to first century Jerusalem--just after the massacre of Jews before Passover--a dark time in the nation's history. Many long to see Yeshua . . . be healed by Yeshua . . . find hope in Yeshua. Others feel threatened and seek to destroy him. Meet Peniel, a blind beggar who longs to ... (more)
More information on First Light - Series: A.D. Chronicles (CD)
Bodie Thoene / Brock Thoene
A.D. Chronicles is a series with the potential to reach beyond the avid fiction reader market. These books will transport readers back to the First Century A.D. where they will become immersed in the culture of Jesus' day, gaining fresh insight to the richness of the scriptures, the intense longing ... (more)
More information on Five Love Languages of Children (Audio CD)
Gary Chapman / Ross Campbell
Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, narrates as you learn how to apply the love languages to your relationship with your children. This audio compact disc is the perfect solution for those who are auditory learners, are sight-impaired, or who want to make best use of their time during a... (more)
More information on Fragile Stone - The Emotional Life of Simon Peter (Audio CD)
Michael Card
Exploring the dynamic, contradictory life of the apostle Peter, Michael Card shows how the impetuous fisherman of Galilee was transformed into a pivotal leader of the early church. He offers hope that we likewise can be radically changed as Jesus calls us to follow him.