Incomparable Audio book (Audio CD)
Andrew Wilson
This audio book on CD read by Andrew Wilson is ideal for personal devotion time or in small group meetings, and will spark off in depth discussions on the character of God.
Andrew's passion for God makes for an inspiring listen and encourages us to pursue knowing God more.

God Most High. The LORD. I Am. YHWH. Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Maker of heaven and earth. There can be no greater inspiration, no other reason for worship, and no stronger motivation to live well.

Andrew Wilson explores 60 names and descriptions of the one true God, weaving profound biblical insight into each short chapter, and so unfolding the greatest subject our minds and hearts can ever contemplate.

This new edition adds a further sixteen mini-chapters, called Selahs. These are additional reflections, inserted throughout the book, aimed to apply practically some of the theology that has been taught in the previous chapters. The Selahs come in four types:
'Read and Reflect' gives a key passage of Scripture to meditate on
'Pause and Pray' gives a suggested prayer with which to follow up what has been said
'Stop and Study' gives direction for further reading on more complex or controversial topics
'Wait and Worship' gives various hymns and songs which focus on the relevant attribute of God

The aim throughout is to help the reader follow up what they are learning, by giving ways in which they can further engage with aspects of God's character, through meditation, prayer, study and worship.

ISBN: 9781842914052
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KINGSWAY - published 15/10/2008
Format: CD