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Corrie Ten Boom
ow beautifully repackaged and perfect for gift-giving, Each New Day is a collection of short yet profound devotions for every day of the year from the heart of Corrie ten Boom. Based on incidents from Corrie's fascinating life, each entry illustrates scriptural principles and attests to God's faithf... (more)
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Selwyn Hughes
A powerful and relevant guide for people new to the Christian faith or for people who need the basics presented to them clearly and dynamically. A favourite with churches across denominations.
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James G. D. Dunn / John Rogerson
Written by sixty-three world-renowned Bible experts, the Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible encapsulates in nontechnical language the best of modern scholarship on each of the sixty-six canonical books of the Bible plus the eighteen apocryphal works.
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Isabelle Hamley
What is just? Itís a question that lurks everywhere in life, yet the answer is elusive. Isabelle Hamley's response is to invite us on an exhilarating journey through Scripture. Godís very good creation quickly becomes the world as we know it: broken, unequal and violent. Yet, the call for the people... (more)
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Hillsong Music
This is a long-awaited follow-up studio album to Zion, the highly acclaimed release which contained the hit single Oceans. Sales of this track internationally have exceeded 2 million units. EMPIRES is the story of two worlds. Songs that seek to listen first, and then with God's breath speak the goo... (more)
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Tim Keller
What is my purpose in life? Who am I meant to be? How can I live a successful life? Why is there so much wrong with our world today? Am I part of the problem? What can I do to help change that? These are the big, seemingly unanswerable questions that everyone must ask and then answer in life.
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Pieter Lalleman
Many Christians hardly ever read the Old Testament, thinking it somehow less important than the New. Yet there are many topics in the Old Testament which remain vitally important for believers today.
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Mitchell Alison
A one-year reading plan with Engage Bible-reading notes, meeting key characters and authors from the Bible. Ideal for older teenagers. Volume 2 of Engage 365 meets many characters from the Old Testament, including Joshua, the judges, Ruth, Job, Nehemiah, Esther, Jonah and Daniel; as well as explo... (more)
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McNaughton Ian S
The rise of Islam in the West is the next and greatest challenge the contemporary Western church has to face. It is a challenge especially to pastors and other church leaders as it is their responsibility to prepare their congregations - especially the young among them - to know what Muslims believe... (more)
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