More information on The Christmas Activity Book
Sally Ann Wright
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More information on The Hodder Children's Bible
Sally Anne Wright / Honor Ayres
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More information on Start With Praise Living Empowered Through Prayer 40 day devotional
Sally Burke & Cyndie De Neve
Feeling Inadequate? Be Empowered! Living a meaningful life for Christ amid daily challenges can seem overwhelming. We often don’t feel up to the task of carrying out God’s mission with strength and courage in our jobs, activities, and families. Let this 40-day devotional help empower you through pra... (more)
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More information on The Difference CD Samuel Lane
Samuel lane
Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland presents Samuel Lane - The Difference. Five years on from Samuel’s 2013 critically acclaimed debut album The Fire, Lane and Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland release the follow up album, The Difference. The story is one of looking to Jesus. When we fall short, he offers his... (more)
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More information on Solomon's Song
Sarah de Carvalho
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More information on Man You're Made To Be
Saunders Martin
What makes a man? The answer used to be easy. You chopped wood, you wrestled bears, and never showed an ounce of emotion. Today, thankfully, we’ve started leaving some of those ill-fitting gender stereotypes behind. But what replaces them? How do you make sense of masculinity in a world of mixed mes... (more)
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More information on EDWJ For New Christians (Every Day with Jesus)
Selwyn Hughes
A powerful and relevant guide for people new to the Christian faith or for people who need the basics presented to them clearly and dynamically. A favourite with churches across denominations.
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More information on What To Say When People Need Help: A Short Guide
Selwyn Hughes
Using his many years counselling & pastoral experience Selwyn Hughes provides guidance for those helping people with personal problems and answers common objections posed when sharing your faith.
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More information on Making Of Us
Sheridan Voysey
Beautifully written and deeply poignant, The Making of Us allows readers to walk alongside author and radio personality Sheridan Voysey during a transformational moment in his life journey. Picking up where Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings left off, Sheridan helps us proc... (more)
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Sim Dendy
From his experience of both attending and leading churches, Sim Dendy asks some of the obvious questions about church, just in case there’s something we could be doing differently. The local church should be God’s great hope for the world – have we somehow made it complicated? How have we come so fa... (more)
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