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A. P. Fitt
D. L. Moody had a profound effect not just on his native America but on Great Britain and other countries as well, and his name continues to be known across the world as one of the great men of God through history. But what shaped the man? How did he get to the place where he was so mightily used by... (more)
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Adam Mabry
Feel over-busy, or always tired? This book shows how you can rest in a way that is spiritual and helpful You'll learn to change your life in favour of what is really important to you For some of us, resting seems like a waste of time—it means we're missing out on other things. For others, rest se... (more)
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Adele Calhoun
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Adrian Holloway
Aftershock is a gripping sequel to 'Shock of Your Life' and written especially for young people and youth leaders. Daniel returns from the afterlife to convince his friends and family that Jesus is their only hope. Profoundly changed by his experience Daniel is shocked that others don't share his ce... (more)
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Adrian Holloway
Dan, Becky & Emma all have one thing in common. They just died... Find out what happens to them in The Shock of Your Life. Four related short fictional stories for teenagers imagine what could be waiting for each one of us if our lives were suddenly to end. An enormously popular title.
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Adrian Plass
LAUGH. CRY. ENJOY. It's time to strip away the hypocrisy and look at Christianity the way it's meant to be! Let internationally acclaimed author Adrian Plass point you in the right direction ... toward authentic faith. With his trademark brand of off-beat humour, Plass pens this unique collection of... (more)
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Adrian Plass
In this new novel Adrian Plass, bestselling author of the Sacred Diary series, explores what might happen if you could book an appointment with a doctor who could help you with your deepest spiritual wounds, not just a headache. The Shadow Doctor isn't your usual kind of doctor. Sure, you can bring ... (more)
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Adrian Plass
Mysteries are there to be solved. Aren't they? Jack has been working with the Shadow Doctor for a little while now. He thinks he might just be getting to grips with the Doc's unusual approach to helping with people's deep problems. Then, visiting the highly respected leader of a large Christian orga... (more)
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Alan Scott
For believers who love where they live and want to see transformation happen beyond the church building, Scattered Servants practically explains how to unleash the church and bring life to broken cities. Alan Scott, a leader in the Vineyard Movement, draws upon his years of experience to share ins... (more)
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