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Ruth Broomhall
The incredible story of Hudson Taylor is brought to your screens with this inspiring DVD. Watch how Taylorís missionary heart was formed and nurtured by his family as he came to faith and then grew into an unstoppable determined force to bring the Gospelís to the people of China. From amusing scenes... (more)
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Beth Pattillo
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More information on Jesus (Great Lives from God's Word)
Charles Swindoll
Jesus Christ. He is, without question, the most influential person in history. Millions of people claim the truths of the religion that bears His name. But who exactly is Jesus? A popular religious teacher? An ancient martyr? Many today are unsure. Even scholars debate whether the Jesus of histo... (more)
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Israel & New Breed
Jesus at the Center is the first live recording in 5 years from Israel & New Breed since their critically acclaimed Grammy award-winning album, A Deeper Level.
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Ann Graham Lotz
Anne Graham Lotz draws on her rich biblical knowledge as well as her personal story to help us understand that the Holy Spirit is not a magic genie, a flame of fire, or a vague feeling. He is a Person who prays for us, guides us in our relationships and decisions, comforts us in pain, and stays by o... (more)
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Judah Smith
Judah Smith digs deep to answer the most common and the most difficult questions about Jesus.
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More information on Jesus is Better Than You Imagined
Jonathan Merritt
Is the God who created us better than the God we've created? After following Jesus for nearly two decades, Jonathan Merritt decides to confront the emptiness of a faith that has become dry, predictable and rote.
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Richard Shumack
The discussion landscape between Christians and Muslims is constantly changing and developing. Increasingly subtle and sophisticated Muslim positions on Jesus emerge regularly. The latest Muslim thinker to rise to prominence in the wider public arena is Mustafa Akyol. His ideas about Jesus, while la... (more)
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More information on John Bunyan The People's Pilgrim
Peter Morden
The latest biography of John Bunyan by Peter Morden who is the newly appointed Vice- principle of Spurgeons's College. Peter Morden has written a lively, engaging and accessible account of this great man's life, providing plenty of historical context and bringing Bunyan's trials and triumphs alive.
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